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Momentum Institute Indonesia

Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno No.36
Kalijudan, Kec. Mulyorejo
Surabaya, East Java


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An Overview

MOMENTUM Institute is a one - stop, non-formal educational service provider in Indonesia, first established in 2007. It is a division under the management of PT. MOMENTUM Bersama Sejahtera, (Pte. Ltd.), a registered company in Indonesia.

MOMENTUM Institute facilitates to actualize the needs of the stakeholders in all Indonesian education sectors; such as the students, the teachers, and the parents. We provide an array of customized programs to enhance and accelerate educational quality improvements both for individuals and institutions.

MOMENTUM Institute’s main objective is to assist Indonesian students, teachers and parents in developing the quality of education in Indonesia to be able to compete internationally. 

MOMENTUM Institute works with recognized overseas educational institutions in order to support our programs to be recognized internationally.

MOMENTUM Institute shares the same vision and value in determining better answers and solutions to maintain a high quality service. Our people are our pride. MOMENTUM Institute strives to fulfill the purpose of answering all educational needs in Indonesia. We will always try to thrive beyond expectations. 

A Glance Through of Milestone

MOMENTUM Institute was established in February 2007; located in Surabaya, East Java – Indonesia. Throughout the time MOMENTUM Institute has evolves in the effort to uphold the idealism fundamental as well as the pursuit of achieving its roles. 

At present, MOMENTUM Institute works with numerous institutions, both in Indonesia and countries around the world. 

In the future, MOMENTUM Institute aims to be a better assistance for all educational sectors in Indonesia.


Visualizing a better one – stop education center in Indonesia by serving its community through education excellence for the purpose of actualizing the nation to be holistic and developed. 


By being the PACESETTERS in education, aiming to develop its stakeholders in becoming a holistic person who is suitably guided and equipped with: 

1. Broad global knowledge.

2. Noble aptitude of mindset.

3. Well planned and directed determination with constant development.

4. Excellent achievements in applied skills.

5. Existence in global network.

6. Solid foundation of personal values and beliefs.




Core Value

Momentum Institute’s people share the same vision and uphold values into practice to create a qualified future generation; who are students, teachers and parents, which must be supported by education quality, noble aptitude of mindset, and advanced knowledge. We believe that education is a lifetime journey, thus we are committed to nurture Indonesian education.

Our people are our success. We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions. We believe that we will never be the best because we will always strive to be better.