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Momentum Institute Indonesia

Jl. Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno No.36
Kalijudan, Kec. Mulyorejo
Surabaya, East Java


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Our Service


MOMENTUM Institute

English Enrichment with Native Speaker



About the service

This service/program is to teach active English which combine International Syllabus and school’s subject to achieve school objectives in education. MOMENTUM Institute combines effective learning, innovative technology and media, and activities inside and outside the class to support enrichment of students English ability.

MOMENTUM Institute presents to provide assistance with local teacher in school and to establish cooperation to educate the students in order to achieve the school objectives.


  • To prepare students to learn English and other subjects that uses the International curriculum and taught by English language.
  • To develop student’s confidence and skills in the use of English, especially in conversation.
  • To improve students' academic skills in the areas of English language curriculum adapted to the national curriculum, especially in the areas of listening and speaking.
  • To provide comprehensive and innovative English program.
  • To help schools to improve the quality of education and learning methods.

Learning Model

Our team, along with school’s English teachers prepare learning materials for students with the appropriate school curriculum materials. Our team will work closely with school’s teachers in teaching English in the classroom (Co-Teaching/Team-Teaching).

All our native speaker team have accreditation to teach English to students whose native language is not English.


Scheduled English teaching in the classroom with native speakers

Evaluation Test

Certificate in the end of program

Handbook for teaching material (school is responsible for duplication)

MILE (MOMENTUM Institute Leaping in Education)

Immersion Program


Why You Should Attend

MOMENTUM Institute Immersion Program provides the opportunity to learn about International environment and culture for several days on many aspect of information literacy, especially in education. MOMENTUM Institute Immersion Program will provide you with the intellectual tools and practical techniques to build or enhance your knowledge, academically and socially.


This program can be participated by not only students, but also teachers, headmasters of schools, even parents. The minimum requirement for this program is the participant must be at least able to communicate with passive English.

Student participants will join the course in the school in destination country according to their schedule, and required to do the task given by the teachers just as ordinary local student in destination country. Participants can also enjoy the view and tourism attractions in the destination country.


Our destinations

Singapore; Malaysia; Thailand; China; Australia, and USA.


Whats’s Included in this Service

  • Tickets and transportation in destination country as scheduled
  • Accomodation
  • Logistic
  • Travel insurance


What’s not Included in this Service

  • Passport
  • Over luggage (> 15 kg)
  • Personal allowance
  • Unscheduled tour



Minimum quota for a departure is 20 participants (except for Australia, Minimum quota for a departure is 5 participants).